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Mississippi Lawful Internet Gaming Act of 2012 Dies in Committee


Not this session…

A bill introduced in the Mississippi House in late February seeking to establish a regulatory framework for online gambling in Mississippi has died in committee, ending the bill’s chances of being passed.

The bill introduced by Representative Bobby Moak sought to establish a process whereby the Mississippi Gaming Commission would be able to issue Internet wagering permits to gaming licensees.

The details of HB 1373 included extensive discussion of age requirements for players, and licensing and renewal fees of $200,000 initially and $100,000 annually.

The bill died in committee on March 6th, according to the House website history of the bill.


Kenneth R Smith is a blackjack tournament expert who has appeared on nearly every televised event in that field. He is excited to see the arrival of fully regulated, taxed, and trustworthy Internet gambling in the US.

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